Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Since Mommy started school again

I started the fall semester about a month ago. It was a smooth transition from lazy summer to full throttle classes. I am taking a full load, 4 classes at 15 credits. My children are happy to be back at our daycare provider's too. She has a few new little boys around their age and Ruth and Edward are happy to make new friends. It's too bad Ruth is always the only girl. She doesn't seem to mind though.

Lately, Ruth and Edward both have been extra moody. I just don't know. And they are at a new sibling stage too; they constantly steal toys from each other and have hit each other a few times too. Ruth and Edward have battle wounds to show for it at times. Each have become more possessive. Example, Ruth left her blanket on the floor and was playing on the slide, happy as can be. Edward came along and decided to curl up in the blanket and watch tv. Ruth had a fit. This scenario has gone both ways where one leaves a preferred item on the floor and plays with something else somewhere else and the other wants to play with the abandoned toy. Screams, tears and the occasional tug-o-war. I would like to think that one day they will grow out of it but I know they won't. My sister and I still pilfer and take stuff from each other, and we're 26 and 18 living in different households...lol

On a crazy note for me, Edward will be 2 years old on October 5. I totally can't believe it. He's so tall too and full of energy. I get tired out watching him. I have to get him new shoes and I'm irritated with his pants. Edward is 2, but 18 month clothing is too flipping big around his waist and 12 months is way too small and short. Why don't they sell belts in his size? Grrr.

Ruth... has discovered the dreaded boo-boo. Every little thing gives her a boo-boo and she has to be overly dramatic about her boo-boo, even her imaginary ones. I have no idea where she learned that from. The daycare lady always says 'owie' and my hubby and I ask 'where do you hurt' or 'what's wrong'? huh, the world may never know...