Saturday, August 29, 2009

Daddy's kids

Today Edward had so much energy this morning that he was being kind of wild and hollering. My husband started playing with Edward, blowing on his belly and giving him lots of kisses making Edward laugh and squeal with delight. He was so happy to have his daddy's attention that he kept running up to my husband and demanding kisses but not really giving any and snuggling for brief moments. Edward also tried to bounce on him and use him as a jungle gym by crawling all over him.

After a little while, the kids were playing and my husband and I were snuggling on the couch. Edward usually gets jealous and tries to push my husband away so he can snuggle with me but today he pushed his daddy away so he could snuggle and vie for his daddy's attention! That was a first, but a nice change.

Then Ruth wanted in on some of all that attention. She was trying to tickle her daddy and then when Edward would run off for a moment she scrambled on her daddy, gave him some kisses, a big hug and just generally wanting some of his attention. This is a rare moment for my daughter as she is not a very affectionate child with anyone. It was such a joy to see Ruth do this of her own free will.

Without a doubt, it was a wonderful morning filled with love and laughter. These are the moments we treasure.

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