Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just a quick update

So Edward turns 2 on Monday. We decided to have an intimate party with just us 4 yesterday since this is my husband's last weekend for a few weeks, thanks to Uncle Sam. I got him a Spongebob cake and I had been stressing about what to get him for his birthday. I had no ideas and neither did my husband. We just have so many toys that it was difficult to come up with something creative and also something my kids wouldn't fight over too much.

So, yesterday I took Ruth and Edward to McDonald's for lunch and so they could play in the playplace. They really like it. They were actually well behaved and every time they came down the slide they would come over to the table to take a few bites of their lunch. After that, it was off to Walmart to look around for something to get Edward. I ended up buying him a cute little black cowboy had, a little soccer ball, and "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" movie. I also ended up getting Ruth a red cowboy hat but that's okay. Then we went to the grocery store to pick up the cake and get ice cream. Edward insisted on wearing his hat and carrying the soccer ball into the store. It was so cute. He fell asleep in the car on the way home so after dinner we sang and had cake.

Pictures are soon to follow on our family Flickr account of the cake and singing 'Happy Birthday'.

Now the update with Ruth is...ready? This is the fifth morning in a row she has had a dry diaper!!! She's on her way. I read in one of my many child development books that she had to do it consecutively for like a month to be considered night time potty trained. But I'm just so darn excited (and I hope I don't jinx myself by telling people) I just had to share and I didn't really do anything to bring this on. I mean, I still limit her liquid intake after dinner but she's just doing it on her own.

On another note, I have been concerned that Ruth is too tall for her car seat but she isn't old enough or heavy enough for a booster. So I did some research. I came up with 'yes' she is too tall for her car seat, but I can get a booster seat with the 5 point restraint straps that will later convert to a regular booster seat. Of course before I go out and buy something, I look online at all the stores to find what I want so that I am not dragging Ruth and Edward all around town and wasting my time. I found one at Walmart I like so I'm going to go get it later.

Until next time Readers...


  1. Say a happy birthday to edward for me!!! And man, I wish they had had those kind of booster seats when I was looking for one for Owen... You should see what he looks like when he falls asleep in the car!

  2. Kiss Edward for us. We are sorry he isn't feeling well. I hope you are all doing well otherwise. I wish I had known you needed a new car seat. I just recycled the old ones two weeks ago. Otherwise I could have given them to you. DANG! They are like yours, but they were for newborn through 4 years. Oh, well. I hope to see you guys soon. KIsses. XXXX