Friday, November 6, 2009

Sickness, growing up, and Halloween

It has been a rough month. Edward caught the flu the day after his birthday. He was so sick and I have never seen him so lethargic. A week after he got sick Ruth got sick as well. Her symptoms were different so I thought she had something else. I was probably wrong. It was a long 2 weeks with sick children. Then just last week, both Edward and Ruth got a head cold, not as bad as the flu but the cough sounded awful. So hopefully they won't get sick again for a long time.

It's great to have my children feeling well and healthy again. Ruth and Edward and eating extra hearty. They are either making up for lost time while they were sick or having a growth spurt. Either way, I am happy they are eating well.

As a parent, there are those milestones your child reaches where they are just a bit more independent and it brings you such joy; such as sleeping through the night or feeding themselves. Then you realize, it really is just a cycle. They can feed themselves but now they want you to wipe their hands and face every 3 bites or something like that. I was so excited when Ruth potty trained and how quickly she got it. She started to keep her diaper dry over nights and I was so happy. Now Ruth is a big girl and she sleeps in her big girl panties. Unfortunately, now she wakes in the night sometimes or super early in the morning and has to use the potty... Some day she will know how to use the potty all by herself and clean herself.

Edward has grown so much too. I had his 2 year old pictures taken last weekend and in a few days I can pick them up. What a handsome lad he is! They will go out with the Christmas cards this year as will Ruth's 3 year old pictures that were taken in May for those who have not received one.

Halloween was good. Ruth and Edward went as Minnie and Mickey Mouse. I can't tell you how adorable they were. I was surprised Edward wore the ear hat, it was bulky and the ears squeaked. Ruth totally got the Trick or treat deal this year. Edward, however, was all about the candy. When he got his first piece he had to hold it. And let me tell you, he was holding on to it for dear life and didn't let go of it until after we got home. I had to take it away because he was trying to eat it through the wrapper.

Our friend Tiffany and her daughter, who is a few months younger than Edward, went trick or treating with us and they all had a blast. We only did both sides of our block since the children were so little and thank goodness it was kind of warm out. After that, the children played in the living room and watched "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" Ruth and Edward loved Charlie Brown.


  1. LOL he was not letting go of that candy!! The kiddos did look so cute! Going with with Mickie and Minnie made Keag not be so shy!! They had a great time. Keag still runs to the do "I'll get it" trick or treat... they all loved Halloween. Fun and amazing and sad to watch the "babies" grow up!

  2. LOL! Sarah and Theresa did the same thing with the first pieces of candy they got too. Those candies were so melted by the time we got home it was gross. I had to put them in the fridge and wait to the next day to unwrap them. This year they cleaned up and we are drowning in candy. I loved the costumes. They were so stinking cute! Where did you get them? I can't wait to see you guys again. Love ya!