Monday, July 27, 2009

Picky Eating

I don't understand why my children will eat certain meals at other people's homes and not at their own home. And why does Edward eat something like he loves it one day and hate it the next?

Edward will eat just about anything at our daycare provider's home, like macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. If I try to give him that stuff at home he won't touch it. If I encourage him to try it and eat it he has the biggest fit! I have even tried buying the same brand as her and Edward still won't touch it.

Ruth usually eats everything. Although I was told she ate eggs for breakfast the other day, she won't eat them here. My mom said she put a little ketchup on them like I like my eggs. I have tried that too before and no dice. It is so frustrating.

Good eating habits start right when they begin eating baby food. Ruth loves her fruits and vegetables, except for broccoli. That's fine with me because she will eat all other vegetables and usually wants seconds. Edward on the other hand isn't a big fan of vegetables. He will eat corn and he loves broccoli. And of course he really likes his fruit. Even if my husband and I don't like a certain vegetable, like cooked carrots, I still make them for my children. I think it is important to continue encouraging my children to eat healthy and to keep their variety wide even if we, as the parents, don't. They will make good eating decisions and eat healthy later on in life.

I can only hope that their eating foods in certain places is just a phase they will one day grow out of.

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  1. Maybe they will try it when they see the other kids eating it and liking it. Sarah and Theresa have done this. Peer pressure baby. They are good eaters most of the time. I feel discouraged by this a lot too. My two are SO picky sometimes. When they are super hungry they get grouchy and even more picky.