Friday, July 31, 2009

The Family Mobile

Yesterday my children and I left the house to do some shopping. I unlocked the car with the remote, got them in and buckled, and off we went! Walmart first to get some cleaning supplies and a few other things that the grocery store doesn't carry. As we came out, I realized I exited the door furthest from where I parked. Before I unload bags and children from the cart, I fish my keys from my purse and use the remote...Nothing. I push it again, and again nothing.

I drive a Chevy Trailblazer. There is ONE key hole on the entire car, the driver's side door. We had had the car for a little over a year before my husband and I noticed a problem. At first, the remote wasn't working all the time so my husband changed the battery and that did the trick, for a week or two. That got annoying so we discussed calling the manufacturer to order a new remote but in the end we didn't. Then as time went on we noticed the remote would unlock the doors but not the trunk. If we tried the lock button on the door it did the same thing. Let me remind you that there is only ONE key hole on the whole car. So if the remote and the lock button on the car wouldn't unlock the trunk we are just s.o.l. Then, as summer began to turn into fall, I realized the car only does this when it is really hot or after it rains really good.

I should have just gone home after the Walmart incident but we were out of everything. I was just going to hope it would work when we came out of the grocery store since it worked when we left the house.

Flash forward to check out...Ruth always gets to ride the pony ride when we check out but I was out of pennies. Being the mommy I am, I double checked my purse just in case. Nope, not one penny. But I found my stash of coupons! Wouldn't you know it, all expired. Ruth was still asking to ride the pony when I realized it had an out of order sign on it. That made me feel a little better for not having pennies for the ride. Unfortunately, Ruth doesnt know what 'broken' means. I did find 2 quarters so I told her we would try the claw machine. We didn't win anything. As I begin leaving the check out, Ruth is still distraught that she hasn't ridden the pony yet! I am carrying Edward because I bought so many groceries so I cant take her by the hand and walk her out. I make like I'm going to leave her there so that she will follow me but she just can't let it go that she didn't ride the pony and is running between the claw machine and the pony. OMG, I think I stood there for 5 minutes before she came running to me crying. Distraught I tell you. I had to pin her hand between the cart and my hand since I was pushing with one hand and carrying Edward with the other.

We make it to the car and I hope against hope that the remote will work since I have so many groceries. Of course not, that would be convenient. I strap the kids into their seats and I try to stick all the groceries in the front passenger seat and on the floor in the back but I still had too many bags. I had to toss a few things over the kids' head into the trunk space. Don't get me started on unloading...

I can't wait to get a new car but that will in about 2 years when I get my BS. That's our plan. And anything that's electrical is stupid expensive to get fixed on a car. I just can't believe that there is only ONE key hole on the whole dang car. There should be a key hole on the trunk too! It makes me irate when this kind of thing happens. IF there are any men out there who are reading this you're probably laughing at me. BUT, try to imaging you just bought a big air compressor or something and now you can't get it into the car because you can't get the trunk unlocked...Yeah, not so funny now.

Someday I will look back at this and laugh but not just yet.

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  1. OMG! The same thing happens to me all the time. I didn laugh, but only because I have been there too. I have the same dumb problems with our van. The thing has had elecrical problems since day 1! I do have a key hole in the trunk though.